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Scott Papineau: Air Force Rolls Out Wireless Net to Missile Alert Facilities

networkThe U.S. Air Force‘s Global Strike Command has deployed a new wireless network system to several missile alert facilities across the intercontinental ballistic missile enterprise.

Communications project officers and the 24th Air Force’s cyber experts collaborated to identify vulnerabilities of the network, the Air Force said Nov. 3

“Using the Wi-Fi access, the team tried to access the AF network, and we were happy to say each attempt failed,” said Maj. Scott Papineau, AFGSC communications plans and policies branch chief.

Verizon collaborated with the command to work with other telecommunication companies for the project.

AFGSC also worked with the Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center at Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico to obtain approval to launch the Wi-Fi access points.

“Delivering Wi-Fi capability to each one of the 45 MAFs provides our airmen access for morale and recreational purposes, and does so using their own personal devices,” said Papineau.

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