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Analysts: Pentagon to Continue Tech Reforms After Chuck Hagel’s Departure

PentagonThe Defense Department will likely continue its technology innovation program and start new initiatives after Secretary Chuck Hagel departs the Pentagon, Defense News reported Sunday.

Paul McLeary writes th DoD’s Defense Innovation Initiative, crafted by Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work, pushes to further the development of new technologies within the defense sector.

Under the program, the Pentagon will work with the commercial technology sector to build robotics, autonomy, long-range strike and big data systems, according to the report.

Other programs introduced under the leadership of Hagel are still pending implementation as the DoD awaits the appointment of his successor, the report says.

“I think it’s going to be critically important for the next secretary of defense to allow his or her deputy to actually be the deputy secretary and do this kind of work,” Ben FitzGerald, director of the Technology and National Security Program at Center for a New American Security, told Defense News.

The DoD also plans to continue its initiative to reduce headquarter employees and personnel at the secretary’s office, McLeary reports.

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