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Dan Tangherlini: Challenges, Prizes Could Transform Procurement Process

Dan Tangherlini
Dan Tangherlini

Dan Tangherlini, head of the General Services Administration, believes challenges and prizes could change the government’s procurement process, he told FCW in an interview published Tuesday.

Colby Hochmuth writes agencies are looking at existing prizes and challenges such as the Challenge.gov repository in order to change how the government buys products and services.

“It’s very hard for programming and procurement people to get their heads around the idea that instead of very precisely prescribing a solution, what you do is describe a problem, put a reward next to that problem and then invite people to come up with solutions,” Tangherlini said to FCW.

He said the resulting products could pave the way for agency partners “to identify ideas they might never have seen before,” according to the report.

Jenn Gustetic, assistant director for open innovation at the Office of Science and Technology Policy, also told FCW several agencies have released guidance on prizes and challenges.

“We have example after example where people engage from other disciplines and they’re able to add insights into a problem-solving process,” Gustetic said.

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