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Janice Haith: US Navy Starts to Adopt Shared IT Services

Janice Haith
Janice Haith

Janice Haith, deputy chief information officer for the Navy Department, has said the U.S. Navy has begun to embrace a shared information technology services model, Federal News Radio reported Friday.

Haith told an AFCEA luncheon the Navy started to implement the Intelligence Community Information Technology Environment two weeks ago, Michael O’Connell reports.

The station reports the Navy seeks to address intelligence issues on ship and land as the service deploys IT services.

O’Connell writes the service also plans to collaborate with the U.S. Coast Guard on the intelligence and non-intelligence areas.

“We have some facilities in some places that we’re looking at maybe [co-locating, as well as]… leveraging their help desk in some areas,” Haith told industry audiences.

She added that the Navy also focuses on security in executing programs, Federal News Radio reports.

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