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Michael Huerta: FAA Focuses on Drone Education, Enforcement for Public

Michael Huerta
Michael Huerta

Michael Huerta, administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration, said the FAA is working to educate the public on the risks of flying unmanned aerial vehicles, CNN reported Sunday.

Sara Fischer writes the FAA is also set to complete an outline of regulations for flying drones in September 2015.

“We have been working with the Model Aeronautics Association, with the model community and clubs so we can educate people because these are not your typical pilots that may be flying one of these for the first time and they may be unfamiliar with the rules,” Huerta told CNN.

“We’ve enforced hundreds of these cases where we have seen someone operating one of these things carelessly and recklessly and posing the danger to aircraft, and that can’t happen,” he said.

Existing FAA rules forbid drones from flying beyond 400 feet to avoid interference with commercial aircraft, CNN reports.

“These are very high performance aircraft, and they are difficult to see and this is one of the big challenges, and so that’s why the rules require that people stay away from airports,” Huerta told CNN.

Huerta added that the FAA plans to release new rules that set the drone operator and aircraft certification in order to address national security threats, Fischer reports.

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