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Report: 5 Cybersecurity Bills Get Obama’s Signature

cybersecurityPresident Barack Obama on Thursday signed into law the Federal Information Security Modernization Act and four other cybersecurity bills, GovInfoSecurity reported Thursday.

Eric Chabrow writes FISMA directs agencies to shift from a checklist method to a continuous monitoring process for identifying data security compliance and risk issues.

The newly approved National Cybersecurity Protection Act will codify data exchange between government and private organizations through the National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center, according to the report.

President Obama also signed the Homeland Security Workforce Assessment Act and the Cybersecurity Workforce Assessment Act with the intent to bolster cybersecurity talent recruitment, training and retention strategies at the Department of Homeland Security.

The Cybersecurity Enhancement Act authorizes the National Institute of Standards and Technology to facilitate development of voluntary infrastructure protection guidelines as well as mandates the Office of Science and Technology Policy to create a plan for government-wide cybersecurity research and development.


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