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Steve Whitby: Airbus to Equip NATO With Deployable Communication & Info Systems

airbus logoAirbus‘ U.K. defense and space business is preparing for the final approval of its deployable communication and information systems for NATO missions as the coalition seeks to field high-readiness forces, Defense News reported Wednesday.

Andrew Chuter writes that the forces would bolster NATO’s readiness action plan to address emerging threats.

“DCIS would fit perfectly as the deployable headquarters to support any rapid deployment force, in the same way that it is designed to be operated by the current NATO Response Force,” said Steve Whitby, strategic business manager of Airbus Defense and Space U.K.

The coalition indicated in a Dec. 2 statement that it plans to establish a temporary joint task force with soldiers from Germany, the Netherlands and Norway by early next year to provide the readiness capability, the report said.

Chuter reports that the interim force may test the DCIS, dubbed IFB1, which NATO contracted in 2009 and completed military trials in Poland early this year.

The DCIS will work to provide command-and-control and satellite communication functions to deployed forces and support up to 500 users, according to Whitby.

The report said Airbus will provide the systems to two NATO signals battalions and the battalion headquarters and is currently negotiating a corresponding support contract.

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