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Terry Halvorsen: DoD’s JIE Security Stacks Set for January Rollout

Terry Halvorsen
Terry Halvorsen

The Defense Department is set to roll out a set of joint regional security stacks in January as it pushes the Joint Information Environment concept, the DoD said Friday.

Terry Halvorsen, DoD’s acting chief information officer, told reporters the stack configurations in Europe and at Joint Base San Antonio, Texas have completed testing, Claudette Roulo reports.

“I will have vision and connectivity throughout the DoD network by the end of ’16 … By the end of ’17 I’ll have the full capability available, with a few spots left to make sure that the full capability is deployed,” Halvorsen said.

He added that the systems would also log instances of attacks as network operators will have full visibility of network traffic, according to the report.

Halvorsen also plans to work with DoD’s chief management officer to assess the department’s business process systems in an effort to help accelerate the implementation process of JIE, Roulo reports.

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