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Army Researchers Develop Sensor Tech for Hostile Fires Detection

research and development RDThe Army Research Lab and the branch’s Aviation Research, Development and Engineering Center have developed an integrated sensor platform for military users to detect hostile threats near their bases.

Serenity is equipped with the FireFly acoustic sensor technology, electro-optical cameras and other government-designed hardware, algorithms and software, the Army said Dec. 22.

ARL and AMRDEC built the platform to provide warfighters a 360-degree hemispherical surveillance coverage area to track incoming enemy fires.

The branch has deployed Serenity with Lockheed Martin‘s aerostat-based Persistent Threat Detection System and has implemented the sensor technology in the branch’s Middle East theater of operations.

The AMRDEC-made FireFly is intended to operate as a standalone sensor or in conjunction with the Serenity system and was used to support a 2012 fires detection mission in Afghanistan.

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