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DARPA Seeks Partners for UAS Autonomy Program; Jean-Charles Lede Comments

DARPAThe Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is seeking potential partners to participate in open architecture and technology interchange meetings under phase 1 of the agency’s Collaborative Operations in Denied Environment program.

The CODE program aims to develop algorithms for collaboration and autonomy functions in unmanned aircraft systems as the U.S. military works to expand UAS operations in hostile environments, DARPA said Wednesday.

“[Multiple] CODE-enabled unmanned aircraft would collaborate to find, track, identify and engage targets, all under the command of a single human mission supervisor,” said Jean-Charles Lede, DARPA program manager.

“Further, CODE aims to decrease the reliance of these systems on high-bandwidth communication and deep crew bench while expanding the potential spectrum of missions through combinations of assets.”

DARPA wants the resulting algorithms to bolster UAS scalability, cost effectiveness, interoperability and operational capability through communication disruptions.

Technology demonstrations are planned for phases 2 and 3 of the program following the phase 1 CODE meetings in March, the agency said.

Responses to the DARPA special notice are due Feb. 4.

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