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Frank Baitman Seeks HHS Efficiency with IT Consolidation Work in 2015

Frank Baitman
Frank Baitman

Frank Baitman, chief information officer at the Department of Health and Human Services, plans to put agency plans to consolidate its information technology systems into full swing in the new year, Fedscoop reported Thursday.

Billy Mitchell writes the CIO’s top priority is to step up HHS efficiency and identify multiple help desks and independent human resources systems as among the areas his office could be looking to tighten.

Baitman said the consolidation drive will aim to put the department back in the decision-making field, although he noted that the task will not be easy, given the number of subdivisions at the HHS and the inherent resistance to change.

The recently passed FITARA would help with fulfilling his mission, Mitchell writes.

“My goal for my shop here is to take over responsibility for all those things that are a commodity and can be consolidated so that we can provide sort of that operating infrastructure for everyone in the department,” Baitman told Fedscoop.

“And things that are more mission-focused get provided locally. That’s where I’m trying to take this.”


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