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Mary Miller, Karen O’Connor: Army Researchers Aim to Build Multifunction Sensors

research and development RDThe U.S. Army‘s science and engineering teams are working to develop sensor technology that would improve soldiers’ battlefield awareness and performance.

The branch said Jan 1. it also aims to build wearable sensors to monitor dehydration, hypertension and cognitive delays associated with lack of sleep among warfighters.

“We’re looking to improve situational awareness, mobility, lethality and even improve the maintainability and effectiveness of our systems,” said Mary Miller, deputy assistant secretary for research and technology at the Army.

“Our real goal will be to build in multifunctionality,” added Karen O’Connor, an Army C3I portfolio director.

A research project at the branch’s Aviation and Missile Research, Development and Engineering Center focuses on developing technology to fuse images from radar, infrared and ladar platforms.

Jyuji Hewitt, executive deputy to the Army RDECOM commanding general, said military researchers are also developing a flexible plastic sensor for users to collect signal intelligence as well as data on chemical-biological environments and troop movements.

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