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Michael Daniel: White House Cyber Plans Focus on Laws, Partnerships, Workforce

Michael Daniel
Michael Daniel

President Barack Obama is pushing forward the administration’s cybersecurity agenda ahead of his State of the Nation address with proposals of cyber-related policies, new partnerships with the private sector and hires of cybersecurity workers.

Michael Daniel, a special assistant to the president and the White House’s cybersecurity coordinator, wrote in a piece published Wednesday on the White House blog that the administration has updated its proposed legislation to cover cyber information sharing, law enforcement’s cyber offerings and national data breach reports.

“These actions demonstrate that we are taking steps to mobilize every element of our nation to rise to the challenge,” he said.

Daniel wrote that the government aims to drive collective action to bolster U.S. cybersecurity measures and ensure consumer protection and privacy as cyber threats continuously evolve.

He said Obama plans to hold a White House Cybersecurity Summit in February to bring together government and business leaders, law enforcement officials, consumer advocates and students to discuss different cyber initiatives.

According to Daniel, the Energy Department will also offer $25 million in grants to establish an education consortium to support the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education.

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