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NIST’s 2nd Draft of Cryptographic Standards Doc Open for Public Comment

cybersecurityThe National Institute of Standards and Technology is seeking public input following the release of the second draft of its cryptographic standards and guidelines document based on feedback received during the initial comment round in 2014.

“[We’ve] made substantive changes to the document with the goal of establishing steps to ensure our standards will have the trust and participation of the broader community,” Donna Dodson, chief cybersecurity adviser at NIST’s Information Technology Laboratory, said Friday.

The agency noted that the draft covers additional principles on standards usability, innovation and intellectual property, transparency, stakeholder engagement and details on the standards development process.

NIST’s collaboration with the National Security Agency on forming algorithms for the cryptographic standards is also discussed in the document.

The comment period for the latest NIST Cryptographic Standards and Guidelines draft will run through March 27.

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