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OMB: Fiscal 2015 Budget Safe from Cuts

BudgetThe Office of Management and Budget has announced that defense and nondefense appropriations for fiscal year 2015 are safe from sequestration cuts, Federal News Radio reported Friday.

Jason Miller writes an OMB letter addressed to Congress highlights why cuts mandated under the Budget Control Act will spare the discretionary budget of government agencies for fiscal 2015.

The OMB said it estimated the discretionary appropriations to be at the defense cap and the nondefense budgets below the authorizations, according to the report.

The office also noted that the defense budget for fiscal 2015 fell to $585.9 billion from $606.3 billion during fiscal 2014 while nondefense appropriations rose to $514.1 billion from $504.8 billion in the previous fiscal year, the station reports.

Miller writes the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2013 called for a reduction to the defense cap by $44.7 billion and the nondefense cap by $27.6 billion from the levels set under the law.

The OMB expects sequestration to hit agencies again in fiscal 2016, Federal News Radio reports.

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