Profile: Jack Gumtow, Chief of Cyber and Enterprise Operations at Defense Intelligence Agency

gumtow_jack_smallJack Gumtow serves as the Defense Intelligence Agency’s chief cyber and enterprise operations, directorate of the chief information officer. His responsibilities include the agency’s global IT infrastructure, communications, enterprise management and cybersecurity operations.

Gumtow started at the Office of Naval Intelligence in 1991 as a computer security officer and later served as director of security and corporate operations.

He became the CIO and chief knowledge officer at ONI in 2005.

Gumtow helped the U.S. Navy position information technology as a business and mission enabler at the service’s echelon I and II levels.

Gumtow  became the Naval Intelligence CIO and CTO in 2011, with responsibility in transitioning the office’s network into a data centric model.

He also developed the Navy’s cloud vision and architecture.

Gumtow earned his bachelor of science degree in information systems management from the University of Maryland and a master of science degree in technology management from the University of Maryland University College.

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