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Robert Work: DoD’s Budget Plan Aims to Reverse ‘Under-Investment’ in Military Tech

Bob Work
Bob Work

Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work has said the Pentagon will release a future years defense program plan that aims to prioritize funding for weapon programs, Defense News reported Wednesday.

Paul McCleary writes the Pentagon is scheduled to send Congress the department’s FYDP projections along with its fiscal 2016 budget request on Monday.

The goal is to reverse “the decline in defense spending over the past five years and … the under-investment in new weapons by making targeted investments in those areas we deem to be the highest priority,” Work told the publication.

He added that his office is working to program new funding lines for sea mining technology, high-speed strike weapons, unmanned undersea vehicles, jet engine, high-energy lasers and rail guns, McCleary writes.

According to McCleary’s report, the FY 2016 defense budget proposal will include an allotment of funds for a “sixth-generation” fighter.

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