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Survey: ‘Careless’ Insiders Are Top Cybersecurity Threat to DoD

cybersecurityA survey conducted by SolarWinds and Market Connections found that IT security professionals at the Defense Department consider careless insiders as the top potential threat to DoD network security, Defense Systems reported Thursday.

Kevin McCaney writes that the majority of survey respondents pointed to insiders who fall prey to phishing attacks, incorrectly use approved personal devices or use non-secure devices and those who unintentionally change, corrupt or delete data.

These “accidental” insiders join malicious insiders and external threats such as foreign governments, the hacking community and terrorists as the biggest worries of DoD IT personnel, the report said.

Some respondents also indicated that agency funding for cybersecurity mostly focuses on external threats, which is one of the identified obstacles to IT security efforts, McCaney reports.

According to the report, the other challenges are the lack of training for IT staff, the high volume of network activity, pressure to speed up the reconfiguration of IT systems, usage of non-secure mobile devices and the adoption of cloud.

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