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TJ Kennedy: FirstNet Concept to Key on Data, Mobile Tools for First Responders

mobile device managementThe First Responder Network Authority will work to use smart mobile technology to help law enforcement communicate or send information through the future wireless public safety network FirstNet while in the field.

T.J. Kennedy, acting executive director of FirstNet, wrote in a blog post publisehd Jan. 16 that the network’s operating environment will support data-driven applications and Internet-based communications between first responders that use mobile devices.

“Just as smartphones and Internet-based networks have changed the way individuals communicate in their personal lives, FirstNet believes that the nationwide interoperable public safety broadband network will change the way U.S. law enforcement operates for the better,” he said.

Kennedy added that the network will also feature priority usage for public safety workers during emergency situations, the capability to link with other agencies at all levels with any communication platform and interoperability across devices within a single frequency.

These features aim to help FirstNet improve law enforcement operations by providing greater bandwidth to support any type of content, speed up emergency or backup services through exchanges of real-time information, enable remote operations and facilitate greater situational awareness, he wrote.

According to Kennedy, consultations with the various stakeholders across the U.S. are ongoing as FirstNet seeks to address the field’s needs in the planning process.

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