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West Point, Int’l Biometric Group Working on Behavior-Based ID System

biometricsThe U.S. military is working with International Biometric Group under a $3 million contract to develop a biometric application programming interface that uses “cognitive fingerprints” or behavior patterns for online identity verification, Sky News reported Wednesday.

Pete Norman writes that researchers at the West Point military academy and IBG are planning to utilize behavior-based biometrics technology or stylometrics to confirm the identity of a particular desktop or mobile device user.

“Just as when you touch something with your finger you leave behind a fingerprint, when you interact with technology you do so in a pattern based on how your mind processes information, leaving behind a cognitive fingerprint,” a document obtained by Sky News stated.

The military aims to use the API for encrypted data communications as part of the active authentication program of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Norman reports.

The report said the verification system could eventually be adopted commercially for e-commerce and the Internet of Things.

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