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William Jackson: Cyber, IT Operations to ‘Converge’ in 2015

cybersecurityCybersecurity will be integrated into the product development and procurement process at government agencies as well as become a professional qualification across all IT services, William Jackson wrote in a piece published Monday on GCN.

He said the government cybersecurity agenda in 2015 will focus more on the management of security rather than the development of technologies as IT security and operations converge.

These developments are due to the ongoing evolution of cyber threats and the need for continuous and resilient cybersecurity measures, he added.

Jackson, author of GCN’s CyberEye blog, also noted that these security concerns also influence procurement decisions, as seen in the continued adoption of cloud and cloud services, including solutions that separate infrastructure management and data control functions.

Damian Whitham, senior director of cloud computing solutions at General Dynamics‘ IT business, told GCN that government agencies are still exploring hybrid cloud as a tool to segregate sensitive and critical data from public-facing data.

“They are trying to crack the code of implementing it,” he said.

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