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Dan Kaufman: DARPA Continues Work on IoT Cybersecurity

cyberCybersecurity has become a national security concern as military and government agencies face increasingly frequent cyber attacks of growing sophistication, according to Dan Kaufman, director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency‘s Information Innovation Office.

Kaufman told Lesley Stahl during the “60 Minutes” episode that aired Feb. 8 on CBS that his office works on building both offensive and defensive cyber capabilities to stay ahead of potential cyber threats.

Stahl reports that DARPA I2O continues to focus on Internet security, including the development of artificial intelligence software that plugs in as attacks occur and systems that protect connected devices in the Internet of Things.

“Today, all the devices that are on the… ‘Internet of Things’ are fundamentally insecure. There is no real security going on,” Kaufman said.

He and his team are also currently doing research into the development of “unhackable” code for military drones that will eventually apply to IoTs, systems that scan the global computer network of the U.S. military, as well as search engines that reveal information from the dark web to aid law enforcement in finding online illicit activity.

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