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Dan Tangherlini: Agencies Seek New IT, Digital Service Ideas From GSA’s 18F Lab

Dan Tangherlini
Dan Tangherlini

Dan Tangherlini, who officially left the General Services Administration Friday after three years as its leader, described several initiatives the agency started during his tenure at GSA in an interview with Federal News Radio posted Friday.

Michael O’Connell writes Tangherlini focused on digital services delivery during his time at GSA, a time that saw the agency launch the 18F innovation laboratory to develop new offerings.

“What we now have are agencies pulling service requests out of 18F, asking for advice, asking how they can be a better consumer of IT and digital services,” Tangherlini said to Federal News Radio.

GSA started the 18F innovation laboratory in an effort to offer a model for federal agencies to develop new digital services, according to the report.

“What we want to do is demonstrate for agencies that IT investments, carefully done, thoughtfully done, done in an agile way, can actually have dramatic improvements in service delivery and outcome, which will then generate more interest in that kind of investment,” Tangherlini told Federal News Radio.

He also expressed hope for further improvement in the government’s digital services delivery over the next two to five years, O’Connell reports.

“I think 18F will be a big part of that boiler room producing steam that’s going to make this stuff move forward,” Tangherlini told the station.

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