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DHS, ORNL License Cyber Tool to R&K Cyber Solutions for Commercial Use

cybersecurityThe Department of Homeland Security and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory have licensed a government-developed malware forensics detection and software assurance package for private-sector use, FCW reported Monday.

Mark Rockwell writes that the DHS Science and Technology Directorate licensed the Hyperion tool to R&K Cyber Solutions as part of the Transition to Practice program of the directorate’s cybersecurity division.

GCN reports that the tool performs behavior computation and analysis based on the behavior’s known associations with harmful intent, and includes functions for supply chain security, anti-tamper analysis and data exploitation, among others.

“This technology helps detect vulnerabilities and can uncover malicious content before it has a chance to execute,” said Stacy Prowell, a co-inventor of Hyperion from ORNL’s cyber warfare research team.

R&K Cyber Solutions told GCN it plans to release the tool to the public in January 2016.

According to Rockwell’s report, the TTP program has previously licensed a quantum secured communications technology and has 24 other technologies that are due to transition to the commercial market.

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