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Ernest Moniz: FY 2016 DOE Budget Request Reflects Gov’t Energy Strategy

Ernest Moniz
Ernest Moniz

Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz has outlined the breakdown of a $30 billion budget request for the Energy Department that President Barack Obama submitted for fiscal 2016, highlighting the administration’s focus on energy security.

DOE said Tuesday the proposed amount is a 9-percent increase from the approved fiscal 2015 budget and indicates the continued drive toward a low-carbon energy future through investment in research and development.

“The president’s budget request reflects the department’s commitment to promoting an all-of-the-above energy strategy that meets our economic and environmental objectives through innovative science, technology and analysis,” Moniz said.

The 2016 budget includes allocations for the following program areas:

  • Energy efficiency and renewable energy – $2.72 billion
  • Advanced Research Projects Agency—Energy – $325 million
  • Nuclear energy – $907.6 million
  • Fossil energy R&D – $560 million
  • Electricity delivery and energy reliability – $270.1 million
  • Strategic petroleum reserve – $257 million
  • Science – $5.34 billion
  • Weapons activities – $8.8 billion
  • Nuclear nonproliferation – $1.9 billion
  • Environmental management – $5.8 billion

DOE also expands on cross-cutting program initiatives for grid modernization, subsurface engineering, exascale computing, cybersecurity, water-energy nexus and supercritical CO2, the department said.

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