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Kamara Jones: GSA Changes Plan for DHS’ St. Elizabeths Space Utilization

OfficeThe General Services Administration has proposed to scale down workspace allocation for the Department of Homeland Security‘s future headquarters at St. Elizabeths complex in Washington, the Washington Business Journal reported Friday.

Daniel Sernovitz writes Kamara Jones, a GSA spokesperson, said the reduction would allow DHS to house more staff members in the facility.

DHS could also move the Federal Emergency Management Agency to St. Elizabeth’s west campus instead of the planned FEMA building on the east campus, according to the report.

Sernovitz reports the plan is included in President Barack Obama’s fiscal 2016 budget request and is still subject to approval by the Commission of Fine Arts and the National Capital Planning Commission.

The GSA estimates the new DHS facility utilization plan will cut approximately $800 million from the projected $4.5 billion cost of the DHS consolidation project.

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