Mike McCord: DoD Could Submit Another Sequestration Impacts Outline to Congress

Mike McCord
Mike McCord

Defense Department Comptroller Mike McCord has said DoD will likely produce a document to highlight the effects the agency will see if sequestration resumes in fiscal 2016, Federal News Radio reported Monday.

“Hopefully we’ll also be able to talk about in terms of how it affects mission output, not just in terms of what it means to a particular base or whether there’s a furlough,” McCord told reporters.

Jared Serbu writes the agency prepared a 36-page sequestration impacts outline last year, but the report did not get enough attention from lawmakers because they already have a two-year budget agreement in place.

McCord projected another round of automatic budget cuts would ruin a plan to move overseas contingency operations funds into the defense base budget, according to the station.

He noted to reporters that DoD is building a database of OCO investments and the agency will use the records as a guide for the department’s next budget plan.

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