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Douglas Loverro: Pentagon Needs More Funds for Space Defense Programs

spaceDouglas Loverro, deputy assistant defense secretary for space policy, said last week the Defense Department is seeking an additional $5 billion to fund a national security space program in fiscal 2016, DoD News reported Thursday.

He told the House Armed Services Committee’s strategic forces subcommittee Wednesday that the request “is intended to make certain that U.S. space forces are as dependable as the terrestrial forces which depend upon them,” according to the report by Army Sgt. 1st Class Tyrone Marshall Jr.

Loverro also noted at the House subcommittee hearing that DoD continues to work with U.S. allies and industry to ensure peaceful uses of the space environment.

At the same meeting, Dyke Weatherington, acting deputy assistant secretary of defense for space, strategic and intelligence systems, said President Obama’s proposed defense budget provides the department the resources it needs to upgrade and sustain space-based technologies that help protect the U.S. against adversaries, according to Marshall’s article.

DoD News reports Weatherington also informed the subcommittee that the agency has saved money on space technology development programs through the Better Buying Power 3.0 strategy.

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