Frank Kendall: Better Buying Power 3.0 Implementation Guide in The Works

Frank Kendall
Frank Kendall

The Defense Department is working on a set of guidelines for how to implement the Better Buying Power 3.0 initiative in the Pentagon’s push to modify the way it acquires new technology products, DoD acquisition chief Frank Kendall said Tuesday in Washington.

Kendall told an audience of GovCon industry leaders and investors at the Newseum the BBP 3.0 will also focus on how the military should plan for responsive threats and how it should bring the intelligence community into the process.

Acquisitions of technical and other related services will be another point of emphasis in the newest iteration of Better Buying Power, Kendall said at the event hosted by Credit Suisse and McAleese & Associates.

“LPTA (low-price, technically-acceptable) is not the way to go for many of those,” Kendall said.

Kendall also told the audience he has received a “mixed response” to his push for GovCon industry to invest more internal research and development funds and DoD will continue to try to use profit as an incentive for companies to create new technologies.

“Biological, commercial electronics are moving quickly. I’m also watching materials technologies and want to harness them as soon as ready,” Kendall said.

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