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James Comey Informs Senate Appropriators of FBI’s 2016 Budget Plan, Security Priorities

James Comey
James Comey

FBI Director James Comey told a Senate appropriations subcommittee that the bureau remains focused on programs to safeguard the U.S. against foreign intelligence, terrorism and cybersecurity threats.

In a testimony published Thursday on the FBI website, Comey said the bureau requested an $8.48 billion budget for fiscal 2016, a $47 million increase over the previous year.

He told the subcommittee the budget request allocates $20 million to fund cyber investigative efforts and an information technology infrastructure that would allow the agency to share information with the intelligence community.

Comey also mentioned FBI’s collaboration with U.S. and international organizations to collect and analyze threat intelligence related to the Islamic State and al-Qaeda groups.

“The FBI, along with our local, state, tribal and federal partners, is utilizing all investigative techniques and methods to combat the threat these terrorists may pose to the U.S.,” he noted at the Senate appropriations subcommittee hearing.

“These partnerships are critical to performing our counterterrorism mission and ensuring a coordinated approach towards national security threats.”

The bureau also works to predict and prevent cyber attacks through the use of technology as well as reaches out to industry and academia to stop economic espionage, Comey said.

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