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John Brennan: CIA Strategic Direction to Focus on Talent, Digital, Modernization & Integration

John Brennan
John Brennan

CIA Director John Brennan has outlined the agency’s strategic direction as it seeks to address developments in the national security landscape, including issues on policy and technology, amid its current cyber-focused reorganization efforts.

In his address to the workforce published Friday on the CIA’s website, Brennan said the strategic plan will focus on talent and leadership development, the digital revolution, business process modernization and capability integration.

The plan works to help CIA adapt its mission to bolster the U.S.’ strategic and tactical posture in response to the identified shifts in national security issues, he noted.

Brennan said the CIA will reset management expectations, create a talent development center of excellence and centralize training under CIA University to support recruitment, performance management and multidisciplinary learning programs.

The agency will also implement a new digital innovation directorate to manage the integration of digital and cyber technologies into the mission areas, as well as mission centers to oversee the integration and interoperability of operational, analytic, digital, support and technical functions.

Brennan added that the CIA executive director and executive secretary will also have enhanced roles in corporate governance and executive support functions to drive organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

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