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Navy Adm. Michael Rogers Urges Concerted Effort in Cyber Warfare

Adm. Michael Rogers
Michael Rogers

Navy Adm. Michael Rogers, commander of the U.S. Cyber Command, has pointed at several patterns in cyber warfare that he says the federal government should address in a concerted effort with state governments and the private sector, DoD News reported Friday.

Cheryl Pellerin writes Rogers told a House Armed Services Committee panel Wednesday that the threat has evolved and grown to encompass the military’s complete battle space.

“There is hardly any meaningful distinction to be made now between events in cyberspace and events in the physical world, as they are so tightly linked,” the Cybercom chief said.

Rogers acknowledged that the command has been keeping in step in recent years, with a goal of reaching 6,200 cyber personnel by October 2016 to safeguard the 7 million devices and 15,000 enclaves on the DoD network.

The admiral also mentioned the Pentagon’s efforts to upgrade its infrastructure through the Joint Information Environment and Joint Force Headquarters. initiatives he said that have helped give much insight into the different aspects of cyberspace operations, Pellerin reports.

“We are finding that computer security is really an enterprisewide project,” Rogers told lawmakers.

“We in the U.S. government and DoD must continue learning and developing new skills and techniques… [and] the nation must continue to commit time, effort and resources to building cyber military capabilities.”

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