Peter Newell, Mike Geertsen: DoD Needs Tech Deployment Changes

acquisition policySome analysts have called on the Defense Department and its defense industry partners to continue work to improve the deployment of new technologies to keep pace with development, DoD Buzz reported Friday.

Michael Hoffman writes the analysts have suggested additional reforms to the acquisition process and Pentagon culture, increased investment in commercial technology and partnerships or cooperation with innovation communities.

Peter Newell, managing partner at BMNT Partners and a retired U.S. Army colonel, told DoD Buzz Pentagon officials can learn from Silicon Valley’s innovation culture and enable technology users to communicate their needs directly with developers.

Mike Geertsen, who has worked at both Microsoft and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, told DoD Buzz such a technology development community can also be established in Washington.

He indicated that one of the hindrances to partnerships between the Pentagon and private sector is the culture gap, which he said can be addressed through ambassadors such as TandemNSI to serve as liaison between industry and DoD’s acquisition organization.

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