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Profile: Rob Klopp, Social Security Administration CTO

Rob Klopp
Rob Klopp

Rob Klopp serves as chief technology officer of Social Security Administration, where he is responsible for data warehousing, technical debt reduction programs, service-oriented architecture, analytics and cloud technologies.

Klopp reports to the Acting Commissioner Carolyn Colvin and is a member of her executive staff.

He also manages the enterprise architects, database architects and new SSA digital service team that is connected to the White House U.S. Digital Services team.

Klopp served as senior director of technology and innovation for HANA at SAP from July 2012 to August 2014 before he joined the SSA.

The 35-plus-year information technology veteran was previously the field CTO of EMC’s Greenplum division for EMEA region between December 2010 and July 2012.

He also held the role of advisory consultant with Skyland Technologies, acting vice president of product management at
Quantivo Corp., VP of product services at Callixa, founder and CEO of WhoWhatWare and VP of data warehouse technologies at Per-Se Technologies.

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