Richard Ginman: Data, Metrics Key for Defense Contracts Management

budget analysis reviewRichard Ginman, former director of procurement and acquisition policy at the Defense Department, has said the agency’s underlying methodology for buying goods and services has not changed much during his four-decade career in the government and commercial procurement field, Federal News Radio reported Tuesday.

Ginman retired from the agency in late February after a more than 40-year career in the government and commercial procurement field.

Ginman told Jared Serbu in an interview that DoD employs a professional acquisition team but he believes these personnel need to rebuild some of their skill sets.

During the interview, he said he believes policy decision-making should be accompanied with reliable data and metrics.

“I’m a big fan of checklists and data reports,” he told the station.

“You need good data to make sure you’re paying appropriate costs and that you’re getting what your contract called for,” he added, according to the report.

Ginman also noted to the station he predicts defense procurement will continue to present risks and DoD has worked to address 56 of the 60 identified odd components in the contract management process during his tenure at the agency.

He added he is willing to participate in peer review programs to evaluate work by defense program managers.

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