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Adm. Paul Zukunft: Coast Guard to Issue Three-Pronged Cyber Strategy

cybersecurityAdm. Paul Zukunft, commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard, has outlined the service’s three-pronged cybersecurity strategy as well as other upcoming investments and operational initiatives in an interview published Tuesday on Federal Times.

“Our cyber strategy has three lines of effort,” he told Steve Watkins.

“The first is we need to be able to protect our cyber equities… the other is to be able to sustain operations in a cyber threat environment… [and] a third line of effort is protecting infrastructure.”

Zukunft noted that the Coast Guard’s first-ever cyber strategy comes with the creation of its own Cyber Command to bolster capabilities such as resiliency, situational awareness and response management.

The service is currently working with stakeholders on the upcoming strategy to develop the “rules of engagement” in the cyber domain, he said.

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