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Ashton Carter: DoD Program Aims to Help Soldiers Prepare for Civilian Life Transition Early

Ashton Carter
Ashton Carter

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter has said the Pentagon is working with other federal agencies and companies to implement a new program to help U.S. service members prepare early for their transition out of the military, DoD News reported Tuesday.

Cheryl Pellerin writes Carter highlighted the Military Life Cycle Model during a speech Tuesday morning at Syracuse University in New York.

The initiative will fall under the Department of Defense Transition Assistance Program, according to Pellerin’s report.

“We’ve learned things in the last few years through the research of folks here and through the experience of having 2.6 million service members cycle through two very long wars,” Carter told university students, faculty and administrators.

“We’ve learned, for example, that it’s best for service members and therefore best for the country if they start thinking about life after the military as long as they’re in the military,” he added.

Pellerin reports the transition framework identifies key points in the military career that will allow a soldier to set his civilian goals.

Carter also urged DoD to reach out to the private sector in order to attract skilled people for the U.S.’ fighting force of the future, according to the publication.

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