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Col. Gregory Breazile: Marine Corps Drafts Cyber EW Planning Doctrine

CyberStockThe U.S. Marine Corps has produced an interim doctrine for commanding officers to embed cyber strategies into the military branch’s combat missions, Federal News Radio reported Wednesday.

Jared Serbu writes Col. Gregory Breazile, commander of USMC’s cyber and electronic warfare integration division, said during a panel discussion at the Sea Air Space annual conference that operational commanders need to treat cyberspace as a “capability” when they craft battle plans.

Breazile told his audience the military service is also drafting a new doctrine for electromagnetic spectrum operations.

“It’s an organizing concept that brings the intelligence, communications and operations communities together so that they can do better planning for cyberspace and electronic warfare capabilities,” he added, according to the station.

Federal News Radio reports USMC has built a cyber range near Quantico, Virginia, to train personnel in that domain and test cybersecurity technologies.

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