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House Armed Services Committee Proposes $604B in 2016 Defense Funds

PentagonThe House Armed Services Committee has unveiled a policy bill authorizing $515 billion in U.S. Defense Department base budget and another $89.2 billion in overseas war funds for 2016 fiscal year, The Hill newspaper reported Monday.

Kristina Wong writes the House’s 2016 National Defense Authorization Act includes provisions to bar DoD from carrying out a new round of base realignment and closure and retiring the A-10 attack fleet.

The committee also proposed strategies to reform the military retirement and procurement system through the bill, according to the newspaper.

Kris Osborn wrote in a report published on DoD Buzz that the Air Force would receive $786 million next fiscal year to build Long Range Strike Bombers under the House’s proposed defense budget.

The NDAA also calls for the Government Accountability Office to review the technical and cost aspects of the Air Force’s LRS-B development program, the report said.

John Bennett of Defense News reported the legislation would allow the Navy to procure additional 12 Boeing F/A-18 planes and the Marine Corps to acquire six more Lockheed Martin F-35B jets.

Bennett said the House Armed Services Committee is scheduled to hold a markup on the bill Wednesday.

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