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House Panel to Review Cyber Threat-Sharing Bill; Rep. Michael McCaul Comments

cyberThe House Homeland Security Committee is scheduled Wednesday to markup a new cybersecurity bill that calls for voluntary government-industry data exchange and disclosure liability protection to companies.

HHSC said Monday the National Cybersecurity Protection Advancement Act aims to encourage agencies and enterprises to share threat indicators without impinging on U.S. citizens’ privacy and civil rights.

Committee Chairman Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas) proposed the legislation with Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Texas), chairman of HHSC’s cybersecurity, infrastructure protection and security technologies subcommittee.

“One of the greatest cyber threats to the homeland is the weakness of our power grids and energy and water systems,” McCaul said.

“Congress must take action to defend America’s vital digital networks and help American businesses better protect themselves,” he added.

The bill would require companies to leave personal information that is not associated with cybersecurity risk when they share data with the government.

It also calls on private organizations to implement cyber defense measures and network awareness tools in their information technology systems.

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