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Kevin Cooley: Upcoming Navy Strategy Eyes Cyber as Warfighting Platform

CyberStockThe U.S. Fleet Cyber Command is developing a strategy to integrate cyber tools with the U.S. Navy‘s warfighting domain to potentially operationalize cyberspace as a platform for warfare, Federal News Radio reported Wednesday.

Jason Miller reports that the Navy is finalizing a strategy document that will focus on building network assurance, balancing defense capabilities and costs, and incorporating cyber with acquisition and financial processes.

“This platform, this set of environments is directly relevant to the ability of the U.S. Navy and, in a larger sense, the joint force to accomplish the missions that it may need to accomplish to meet national aims,” Kevin Cooley, the executive director and chief information officer of Fleet Cyber Command, told the station.

He added that the strategy is centered on leveraging cyber in a similar way to kinetic weapons, using signal intelligence for data collection and analysis and balancing defensive and offensive operations.

According to the report, Cooley also highlighted the goals of establishing shared cyber situational awareness and forming the service’s cyber mission forces.

Miller writes that the Defense Information Systems Agency is also looking into utilizing the Joint Regional Security Stacks as a weapons system and moving JRSS into a cyber range to test defensive and offensive capabilities.

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