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Michael Daniel: Obama Administration Seeks to Deter Cyber Crime Nations Through Sanctions

Michael Daniel
Michael Daniel

Michael Daniel, White House cybersecurity coordinator, has said President Barack Obama’s latest executive order is intended to protect the U.S. against large-scale foreign cyber intrusions, Federal News Radio reported Thursday.

Jason Miller writes Obama issued the order to authorize the departments of State, Justice and Treasury to impose sanctions against organizations or individuals engaged in launching “significant” U.S. infrastructure attacks, computer network disruption and trade-secrets theft through cyber espionage.

The order will serve “as a piece of deterrence for those that have been thinking they can hide behind borders where there are weak governments, weak cyber laws or governments that aren’t willing to cooperate,” Daniel told audiences at a Center for Strategic and International Studies-hosted forum.

He added that an attack is considered “significant” if it reaches a level of national concern, according to the radio station.

Federal News Radio reports that major data breaches at U.S. companies such Sony Pictures Entertainment, Target and JPMorgan Chase have prompted Obama to take executive action.

“The Sony Pictures incident drove home the point that we needed to make sure we had this tool available to us in order to continue expanding that array of options that we have to respond to those kinds of incidents,” Daniel told the station.

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