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Robert Work: Future Conflicts to Be ‘Informationalized,’ Tech-Driven

Robert Work
Robert Work

Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work has the future of war will involve a cross-domain and multidimensional “informationalized” effort driven by advanced technologiesin areas such as cyber, electronic warfare and precision-guided weapons.

Cheryl Pellerin reported Wednesday for DoD News that Work told a U.S. Army War College audience the military should consider three principles to prepare for future ground combat.

Work, an inductee into Executive Mosaic‘s Wash100 for 2015, pointed to the spread of guided munitions with GPS, infrared homing and laser guidance; use of information operations and cyber tools to disrupt command-and-control operations; and a combination of the two.

He said the Defense Innovation Initiative works to address these developments and increase the U.S. military’s competitiveness by attracting the needed talent, establishing operational excellence and technological advantage and fostering accountability and efficiency.

Pellerin reports that Work also highlighted a “third offset strategy” to facilitate innovation through both new technologies and new ways to utilize existing tools.

“The whole purpose of the third offset strategy is to identify the technologies, the operational and organizational constructs, and the new operational concepts to fight our future adversaries,” the deputy secretary said.

These constructs are relevant to the Defense Department‘s efforts to overmatch any potential adversary, the report said.

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