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Tony Scott: FITARA to Align CIO Roles, Federal IT Spending

Tony Scott
Tony Scott

Federal Chief Information Officer Tony Scott said the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act will pave the way for government CIOs to shape and align technology spending, Nextgov reported Thursday.

Frank Konkel writes that Scott’s experience in the private sector can give insight into how FITARA drives the “conversation” on IT budgets and investments.

“Eighty percent of our spend is on keeping the lights on the stuff we already have,” Scott said during a recent Association for Federal Information Resources Management event, according to the report.

“I want to focus on how to move the needle on the 80 percent, and FITARA can help us there in a big way.”

He noted that strong governance will help address potential resistance to the measure, which could also help the government keep pace with evolving technologies in areas such as mobility, cloud and digital.

Mark Rockwell of FCW reports Tuesday that Scott indicated there are no plans yet on whether FITARA would eliminate some component agency CIO roles.

Guidance from the Office of Management and Budget on FITARA’s rules will be released within the next eight weeks, the report said.

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