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Adm. Michael Rogers Airs Cybersecurity Concerns Over Nation-State Proxies

Michael Rogers
Michael Rogers

Adm. Michael Rogers, director of the National Security Agency and U.S. Cyber Command lead, has expressed concern over the possible use of proxies by nation-states to launch cyber attacks as the U.S. continues to refine its capability to accurately attribute such threats, FCW reported Monday.

Sean Lyngaas writes Rogers, speaking at the State of the Cybersecurity Union at George Washington University, reiterated how the U.S. government values its immediate discovery of North Korea’s role in the November hack of Sony Pictures Entertainment through NSA’s software analysis efforts.

Rogers also cited the inclusion of the country’s capability to roll out attacks in a cyber strategic plan introduced by Defense Secretary Ashton Carter in April.

“We think it’s important that potential adversaries out there know that this is part of our strategy,” he added.

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