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AF’s Strategic Master Plan Works on Agility for Long-Term Service Growth

Air Force logoThe U.S. Air Force has unveiled a strategic master plan that establishes 12 goals or benchmarks for the continued growth of the service to supplement its long-term broad plan released last year, Defense News reported May 21.

Aaron Mehta writes that the internal-facing plan focuses on building up the service’s agility through targets that allow a readjustment of the path toward growth.

“There is a universal recognition that the strategic environment is really shifting underneath our feet and we’re starting to see some of the boxes we’re being hemmed into, with respect of not as much flexibility to shift out of what we’ve been doing for the last 20 or 30 years,” Maj. Gen. David Allvin told Defense News.air-force-tile-ad

Allvin, who helped develop the plan, said the Air Force joins other branches of the Defense Department that are similarly working on driving innovation to maintain U.S. technological advantage in the long term.

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