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Brad Carson: DoD Needs to Revamp Military HR Mgmt Strategy

DoD logo resizeBrad Carson, acting defense undersecretary for personnel and readiness, has said he will propose reforms to the Defense Department‘s military workforce management system, Military Times reported Monday.

“In managing personnel, we use only a narrow slice of information about service members and, as a result, we cannot optimize assignment, training, development or utilization of the available talent pool,” Carson said in an internal memo obtained by the publication.

He plans to suggest policy changes to give unit-level commanders and individual troops a role in filling operational billets and offer a flexible system for service members to switch between active and reserve units, according to Military Times.

He could also recommend a military promotion structure that is based on merit, skills and performance or a career pathway initiative that involves military, civilian and private organizations, the report said.

Carson was also quoted as saying that he plans to collaborate with Defense Secretary Ashton Carter to seek external support for a military HR strategy revamp.

A defense official told Military Times that DoD is considering the implementation of a personnel management platform intended to match troops’ skill sets to their assignments.

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