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DARPA Online Games Aim to Speed Up Software Verification Process; Michael Hsieh Comments

DARPAThe Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has launched a new lineup of free online games through a program that seeks to speed up verification of software to ensure that each application is free of bugs.

The first set of online games launched in December 2013 as part of the Crowd Sourced Formal Verification platform has converted players’ actions into thousands of software annotations that helped experts to validate the absence of errors in applications written in Java and C programming languages, DARPA said Wednesday.

“We’re excited by these results and are encouraging the public to play our new games over the next few weeks so we can see just far how this approach may go,” said Michael Hsieh, program manager at DARPA.

“The growth of software systems over the past decade has outstripped improvements in verification. There are simply not enough experts to provide manual analysis on the scale required to support formal verification of the countless software systems launched every day,” he added.

CSFV games that can be played by individuals ages 18 and above on Verigames online portal, www.verigames.com, are DynamakrBinary FissionMonster ProofParadox and Ghost Map Hyperspace.

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