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DISA Unveils Classified Comm Kits for Pentagon Mobile Users; Army Maj. Joy Thomas Comments

Defense Information Systems Agency DISAThe Defense Information Systems Agency has introduced a range of portable communication kits designed to allow mobile users across the Defense Department to place classified voice and video calls and access data through DISA’s Enterprise Classified Voice over Internet Protocol service.

The DoD Enterprise Classified Travel Kit Gateway tools also intend to allow Pentagon users to use any Internet connection to securely access the Secret IP Router Network, Army Maj. Joy Thomas, DECTK program manager at DISA, said Tuesday.

“All of the kits use High Assurance Internet Protocol Encryptor (HAIPE) devices to provide defense-in-depth protection to the [Defense Information System Network] and the kit itself,” she added.

Executive Voice Kits and Executive Communications Kits have been cleared to run with the DECTK-GW infrastructure, hosted by the Defense Enterprise Computing Center.

DISA is set to launch by summer the Secure Flyaway Kit, which aims to provide access to various classified and unrestricted domains.

The agency also plans to migrate users of Joint Communications Support Element-built EVK to the DECTK-GW platform in the next couple of months.

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