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DOJ’s Lee Loftus: FITARA Can Help Agencies Tackle IT Management Challenges

ITphotoSome senior agency executives expect the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act to help deepen relationships between chief information officers and chief financial officers across the government, FCW reported Friday.

Mark Rockwell writes several federal officials discussed the law during a panel discussion at the CFO-CIO Summit in Washington Friday, a day after the publication of draft FITARA implementation guidance from the Office of Management and Budget.

Lee Loftus, assistant attorney general for administration at the Justice Department, told forum audience that he believes that FITARA offers an opportunity for government IT leaders to break down management silos.

“It can be a way to tackle the sometime nagging IT issues at bureau levels that can get skipped over by higher-level management initiatives,” he added, according to FCW.

FCW reports the law is designed to empower agency CIOs and encourage them to collaborate with agency CFOs on programs to build, acquire and implement IT systems.

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